It's all about who has the sharpest teeth in the pond.


Cross Platform

Rebuilt from the ground up for NetStandard 2.0 Piranha can run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Built for speed

Sitting on top of Microsofts new AspNet Core framework Piranha is more than ten times faster than it's previous version.

Totally Package Based

Everything is installed from NuGet. No complicated downloads or project setups needed.

Flexible Caching

All of the repositories has built in support for caching to minimize the load on the database.

Azure Ready

Publish straight to Azure and setup your site to use Azure Blob Storage as container for your uploaded media to get the best out of your cloud hosting.

SEO Friendly

Clean, readable URL structure for pages & blog archives, per-page meta data and sitemap generation out of the box.


The core is component based and uses the DI containers in AspNet Core. This means you can easily change most parts of Piranha to suit your needs.


Piranha CMS is a totally headless CMS, in the sense that it doesn't force any HTML or restrictions on you. Build your website any way you want.


Powerful Content Types

All content types for pages and posts are built around standard CLR objects and Meta information is handled with attributes.

Internal Linking

Easily create links to other pages, posts and media assets in your site, either as content fields or as directly in the HTML editor.

Awesome Block Editor

Build and structure your content around small reusable blocks that can easilty be reused or reordered.

Browser Link Preview

Preview your work right in your public web without having to reload your browser manually to stay in sync.

HTML and Markdown

Choose what format you want for your content on a per content type basis. You can even use plain text if you like.

Image Processing

Create thumbnails and cropped versions on demand as you need them in your site. The processing supports both scaling and cropping.

Multiple Blogs

Create multiple blogs on your website for different purposes and customize categories and tags on a per blog basis.